Hi, I’m Tom, welcome to my blog!

A bit about me and this blog: I’m a journalist working in the broadcast sector. I do general news and all that stuff, but one day when I grow up I want to be a games journalist! So I’ve set up this here blog to get some practice writing about the things I love.

On this blog you’ll find my opinions and reviews of games that I’ve played, as well as opinion pieces on what’s going on within the gaming industry as a whole.

But wait!  There’s more.

I’m also very passionate about music and films. So you’ll also find my occasional scrawling about those too. Bonus! You’ll find the occasional gig review here, as well as some hardcore enthusing about albums I’ve discovered. Often they’ll be albums that fall within the hardcore genre. I am hardcore about hardcore.

And then there’s films. Fair warning: anything involving action is going to get measured against Die Hard 4. If you don’t like Die Hard 4, get the hell out of here. What’s wrong with you?

So that’s this blog in a nutshell. Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends and make me famous.

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